Many churches we work with are connected to a day care or preschool program. Some churches run a day care in their building while others are connected to a separate preschool facility. By adding a Preschool page to your website, you can link to a payments or donation platform to make it easy for parents to donate or pay tuition online for these programs. 

  • Encourage parents to register or pay online to eliminate paper forms and reduce cash handling in your church. 

  • Show parents how simple it is to set recurring payments or donations, so they don’t have to make multiple payments throughout the year. 

  • Partner with a payment processor that allows you to collect funds separately for your church and your preschool program, then deposit those funds into separate bank accounts. 


Vanco Online registration pages are easy to build and customize, making them great for sharing information about the childcare programs you offer. Use these pages to encourage families to register or pay online.

  • Preschool Registration and Tuition

  • Weekly Daycare

  • Summer Camps

  • Vacation Bible School